Pichavaram – A Beautiful Mangrove Forest


During our stay at puducherry we made a short trip to Pichavaram Mangrove forest and Nagaraja Chidambaram temple.A beauty of nature Pichavaram is one of the worlds largest mangrove jungles along with Sundarban in West Bengal and Bhitarkanika on Odissa. It is nearly 70 km away from  Pondy  and 20 km away from Chidambaram  town.We hired a car for the entire trip. You can go by bus also as there are hourly bus services.


Beautiful Pichvaram  consists  of backwater canals , small and big  with a dense growth of mangrove plant. It is a place of biodiversity  , nearly 200 species of birds,  many varieties of  fish ,prawns, seaweeds,oysters ,shells , turtles are there. There are around 20 different types of trees in the mangrove forest as well. The unique root of these salt water Mangrove trees  along the backwater is a real enjoyment for the shutterbugs. We enjoyed a boat ride through the vast green forest but when getting inside the dense area , we hardly see sunlight as the hanging brunches over our head had created covered shed and  I am sure you feel scared.


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